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Contact Synchronization

Connect in a click to the business applications that contain your contacts. Your contacts will immediately synchronize with your Cloud phone directory and appear on your phone. Moreover, if you use the Phone Companion, you will be able to receive notifications on your PC and trigger customized actions such as:

  • open the contact detail in your business application

  • do a search on LinkedIn to visualize the profile of the person who calls you

  • etc.

Supported applications* for contact synchronization are:

  • Exact online

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • SalesForce

  • TeamLeader

  • Zoho CRM

  • Mobminder

  • Pipedrive

  • SugarCRM

  • Google Contacts

  • MS Office 365

  • noCRM

  • Sellsy

  • FreshDesk

  • ZenDesk

  • Let us know if you use a Cloud business application which you would like us to support…

* Subject to rollout planning

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